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Customer Service in the downturn

During an economic downturn, just about everybody is in the same boat. Every day you can’t escape media of all types reporting the impending doom resulting from the economic crisis.

So when you hear of some great customer ┬áservice in these times, it’s like a beacon from a lighthouse.

A friend of mine is a victim of this downturn, and was contracted to pay large fees at a Toronto gym. Hat in hand, my friend went to the gym asking for any kind of leeway in paying the fees. The gym actually bent over backwards to help. They not only instantly waived the monthly fees, they also waived the expensive personal trainer fees without any penalty at all. They even encouraged my friend to keep using the gym, at quiet times of the day, to get the most out of the gym and to keep you motivated as you search for a new job.

And if 3 months go by and you haven’t got another job? No problems. Just let us know and we’ll hold the payments for another 3 months.

This takes no effort on the gym’s behalf. And absolutely made my friend’s day / week / month!

What kind of response would your business offer to a customer in good standing that might be struggling?

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