Street Art, QR Codes and Google Maps.

Ok great. So here’s a nifty way of bringing vandalism into the 21st century: Let’s give  “street artists” (aka illegal artists) a platform to talk to anyone that appreciates their work. Nice idea. 

Street Art, QR Codes and Google Maps..

Now, let’s say that you snap a QR code on a vandalised wall and you allow your phone to call the associated number. “Street Artist” Jim captures your phone number, and your location, and can start to build a profile of you. Maybe he has the right software to capture enough data to highjack your sim card? Maybe you end up with a cell phone bill of $1000 with calls to Nairobi? Sigh.

Sadly, I can’t see any brand wanting to get involved with this. 

Turn this technology into something positive by starting with legal art. A QR code beside a legal piece of artwork should do the trick.


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