Engage + Interact = Success

Tourism Queensland in Australia has advertised to fill the role of Caretaker on The Great Barrier Reef’s Hamilton Island. As part of the job description, the successful applicant will have to snorkel, scuba, walk through the tropical rain forest and make friends with the locals. Oh, and keep a written and video blog of the day to day. You’ll also get free rent in a million dollar waterfront apartment and be paid $150k AUD for your troubles. Sounds amazing.

The truly amazing part is that the campaign is entirely viral. The job is real. And the returns on the viral campaign are equally real. Currently they are on track to get $70m AUD  in publicity. The story has been picked up by Sky News in the UK, the NY Times, and every other major publisher in the world (not to mention the ensuing blog posts). 

Engage: Applicants must submit a video CV

Interact: Applicants can view other applicant’s videos.

Success: $70m worth of publicity from probably $300k outlay.

The Rush for ‘best job in the world’ crashed the website. A success indeed. And the cost of adding a few more servers, plus the 6 month salary for the position, won’t come close to the returns. 

Turning the hunt for a new recruit into a viral marketing campaign takes today’s cake as a creative marketing execution.


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